A Year for Luxury: 2023 Yachting Hotspots

With the new year underway and the yearning for the summer breeze in tow, we share with you our favourite 2023 yachting hotspots in anticipation of planning a luxurious year of exploration. We’ve selected a handful of breathtaking locations, idyllic for visiting by yacht or tender, each with a special offering to its visitors. Pack your favourite sun hat and prepare to set sail!

2023 Yachting Hotspots

2023 yachting hotspots – A bay dotted with yachts in Milos, Greece

Milos & Poliegos, Greece

Milos is among the lesser-known Greek Islands but its spectacular lunar-like landscape makes it a destination to behold. Home to more than 40 beaches, several lined by unusually shaped white cliffs that many compare to the surface of the moon, Milos offers a haven for yacht owners with many attractions and restaurants to visit on land.

A short distance off the coast of Milos lies Poliegos. Inhabited by only a few farmers, the island of Poliegos is named after the wild goat populations which live upon its rocky terrain. The white cliff faces contrast with the bright blue seas that lap at their feet, a favoured spot for Monachus-Monachus seals to have their seal pups. Explore the landscape of Poliegos by foot to discover the beautiful white lighthouse, built in 1898. With the exception of boat tours, the island is accessible by private boat only which is why the secluded bays have become very popular amongst super yacht owners who drop anchor in summer months to enjoy the tranquil waters.


2023 yachting hotspots – a secluded cove in Poliegos, Greece

2023 yachting hotspots – Yacht afloat in turquoise seas in the Seychelles

The Seychelles

The 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean offer turquoise waters abundant with wildlife and powder-white beaches to soak up the tropical sun. Scarcely populated and largely uninhabited, the Seychelles offer secluded, picture-perfect landscapes for unwinding and taking in the burnt orange sunsets. While exploring, you can anticipate spotting giant tortoises, sea turtles, bottle-nose dolphins and even whale sharks. The Seychelles is a spectacular destination for diving and snorkelling with a large array of marine wildlife and vivid flora and fauna. Should you wish to disembark, stop by Baie St. Anne, a peaceful town on Praslin Island, for a bite to eat, a refreshing drink or some retail therapy or be charmed by the simplicity of life on La Passe island. The best time to visit the Seychelles is April, May, October and November as these months offer calmer waters.

The Åland Islands, Archipelago, Finland

Comprising 6,700 islands situated in the Baltic Sea, the Åland Islands present a unique landscape of deep blue waters disrupted by expanses of forest, abridging roads and red granite rocks. This tranquil 2023 yachting hotspot is largely unspoiled and its capital Mariehamn is known for its quaint 19th-century wooden townhouses and handicraft shops. Set off from the Finnish mainland and navigate large and small islands while sailing the Skiftet channel, there are large bodies of water to manoeuvre in and sailors can often enjoy secluded bays to themselves. While sailing the round trip of approximately 100 nautical miles drop anchor for short periods to explore uninhabited land. Moor at one of the many local harbours, including Kökar, Föglö and Eckerö, to enjoy a walk and a bite to eat, with Mariehamn offering many restaurants and quaint nightlife.

2023 yachting hotspots – one of the many Åland Islands, Archipelago, Finland

2023 yachting hotspots – Aeolian Island at dusks, Italy

Aeolian Islands, Italy

Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea, in addition to a set of minor islands, make up the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. The clear, warm waters that lap at the islands’ shores are clear and warm, ideal for snorkelling. Being volcanic islands, many of these islands boast unique rock formations and black sand boarders intercepted by coves of deep blue waters. Visit Panarea to explore an abundance of castles, visit Vulcano for some self-care, known for the claimed therapeutic local muds and natural hot springs, or drop anchor at Fillicudi to discover The Grotta del Bue Marino, “Blue Grotto”, a sea cave known for its natural wonder, discoverable on a kilometre walk. The Aeolian Islands have much to offer for those seeking an adventure-filled itinerary making it a prime contender among 2023 yachting hotspots.

The Gulf Islands, Canada

Sandwiched between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia, the Gulf Islands are home to wildlife, rich forests of green, sandstone cliffs and pebble beaches. Amongst the more unique of our 2023 yachting hotspots, you can expect quiet leisure during your time in the Gulf Islands, reaching many of the islands by tender to enjoy the beauty of nature and delicious meals fuelled by organic farming. The popular Salt Spring Island, often considered a place of refuge, is a year-round destination for visitors looking for everything from hiking in the rolling hills and kayaking the steady waters to finding inspiration in the vibrant arts-and-crafts scene. The island has an abundance of shops, restaurants, nature parks and leisure facilities for you to enjoy while exploring.

2023 yachting hotspots – A stretch of forest dividing the deep blue sea in the Gulf Islands, Canada

2023 yachting hotspots – the swirling sands of Whitsunday Islands, Australia, that separate the clear waters and dense forest

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The 74 Whitsunday Islands sit amongst a stretch of vibrant coral teeming with marine life, an exceptional destination for snorkelling, scuba diving, and whale watching. Situated between the northeast coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, these largely uninhabited islands present hiking trails through dense rainforest contrasted with powder-white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Soak up the sun at one of the infamous luxury resorts, including those at Hayman Island, take flight by helicopter to view the intricate landscape of reefs from the sky, or moor at Hamilton Island Marina to relish in luxury restaurants, bars and other leisure activities. To assist with preservation some areas of the Whitsunday Islands are accessible by tender only.

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