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PrivatSea manages some of the world’s most famous mega yachts and has been a pioneer in this field since the 1970s.

Since the very beginning, PrivatSea has worked tirelessly to uphold its core values throughout every service: providing a transparent, professional service with every detail accounted for.

As part of the Latsis Group of Companies, PrivatSea leverages an extensive network to offer our clients the highest-quality products and services at competitive prices. With a 360° approach, we offer our clients complete services under one roof from yacht management to project management with a trusted yacht shipyard at hand. As experts in the field and a trusted partner, we tailor bespoke services to fulfil our clients’ needs in-house so they can enjoy their yachts to their maximum potential.

Yacht Management Company
Yacht Management Company

From Trade and Shipping to the Birth of the Yacht Management Company

The Latsis group was founded in Greece in the 1940s by the late John S. Latsis. John S. Latsis’ first entrepreneurial ventures focused on trade and shipping and quickly expanded to diverse business interests such as commercial shipping, energy and real estate.

1949 The Latsis group

In 1949, John S. Latsis, then a young Captain himself, purchased the Laurana to service the small islands around Athens. The vessel was also enjoyed by family and friends, entertained on short cruises.

Inspired by the joy seen amongst his loved ones on these voyages, John S. Latsis established the chartering company Alcyonides and routed the vessel on the Agrosaronic Gulf Line. Shortly after her first voyage in the line, she was renamed Neraida, meaning “fairy” in Greek, after a vote was held on board with the presence of politicians and journalists and the soon-to-be Prime Minister of the country, Nikolaos Plastiras.

Neraida carried passengers almost every day of her career, hosting politicians and celebrities and appearing in Greek and foreign films until 1974 when she retired from service. Her most frequent route was Piraeus – Aegina – Methana – Poros – Hydra – Hermioni – Spetses, but she also used to visit Leonidion, Monemvasia, Salamina, Nafplion, and Epidaurus. But that would not be the end for Neraida, find out how her legacy lives on in The Neraida Floating Museum.

The Neraida Floating Museum & Legacy of John S Latsis

After Neraida retired in 1974, she remained laid-up at a Latsis-owned shipyard in Elefsis, Attica, until 2007; John S. Latsis refused to send his lucky ship for scrap. Following John S. Latsis’ death in 2003, his family launched an ambitious project to assemble an archive of his life and work. In 2007, the decision was made to convert the vessel into a floating museum showcasing part of this collection. On 9 September of the same year, she was loaded onto the Maria, a heavy cargo vessel, for the voyage to Sibenik in Croatia, where a three-year refit took place. Finally, in April 2010, the vessel returned under her own steam to Elefsis.

1963 Yacht Charter Company Alcyonides

On February 6, 1963, the newly established Yacht Charter Company Alcyonides sent personal letters to companies and entrepreneurs in Athens and abroad promoting a new and unique kind of luxury vacation: sailing on a private charter yacht.

Alcyonides managed five classic wooden yachts, built in and around the Greek islands and the Mediterranean. Each vessel was constructed in the old and classic Greek shipbuilding tradition in Perama, Athens. The wooden boats boasted Rolls-Royce engines and reached speeds of 10 knots, all held Lloyds certificates, and could accommodate up to 12 passengers.

1977 Henriette - a 53-meter yacht built in 1949

In 1977, the acquisition of Henriette – a 53-meter yacht built in 1949 – signalled the entrance of the company into the pleasure yacht industry. Gradually, the company became involved in yacht management, conversions, yacht refits, operations, charter and brokerage.

The 58 MY Henriette was designed by the New York-based Naval Architect and Marine Consultant John Wells (1879-1962). She was built by welding shipyards in Norfolk, Virginia and was launched in 1950. At the time, the yacht represented the pinnacle of American Shipbuilding and was the finest example of the true craftsmanship that characterized the yachts of her era. In 1977, the yacht was brought by the late John S. Latsis and her acquisition signalled the transition of the Latsis Group into the yacht management business.

Sete Yacht Management was established in 1998 and was followed by PrivatSea in 2004.

PrivatSea a yacht management company

PrivatSea Today

Today PrivatSea is a trusted yacht management company, known for its management and project management services.

Our core principles remain the same: to provide a transparent, professional service with every detail accounted for. We continue to strive for improvement to offer an exceptional service to all. We understand the importance of efficiency and conscientiousness which is why teamwork is a top priority, always working to improve as individuals and as team members.

We continue to leverage our extensive network as part of the Latsis Group, sharing the benefits with our clients from priority services to the procurement of the highest-quality products from trusted sources. This network sets us apart, able to provide complete yacht services as one dependable provider.

Our clients are truly at the heart of what we do, relieving our clients of the related stresses of yacht ownership is an honour and privilege.

A message from our Chairman, Mr Xenakis

“As the numbers of mega yacht owners grow, so does their need for movement, connectivity, simplicity and opulence, all manageable through customised services and discretion. And what better way to fulfil all the above needs than being onboard their yacht, equipped like a state-of-the-art company headquarters, while offering services of a seven-star hotel? I would easily guess that the need for floating headquarters in the form of super yachts will multiply in the coming years, reinventing the way of conducting business while being on the move. And we will be waiting to assist.”