Talos Shipyard

Talos Shipyards is a parallel member of the Latsis Group and the yacht shipyard of choice for yacht refits, refurbishments and yacht maintenance for vessels under PrivatSea’s management.

Talos Shipyards is one of the largest shipyards in the Eastern Mediterranean, with 1,500m docks and piers and 88,000sq.m of land. The facility is one of the most attractive yards for repairs and maintenance in the region, offering berthing and all-year mooring for large vessels up to 300m.
In partnership with PrivatSea, Talos Shipyards is committed to providing the highest standards for services at competitive rates for our clients.

Yacht Shipyard Services
Yacht Shipyard Services
Yacht Shipyard Services

Yacht Shipyard Services




The facility is located in Elefsis, southwest of Athens, and can provide mooring and berthing for large vessels up to 300m, with a maximum draft capacity of 20m.


Repairs & Maintenance


Talos Shipyards facilitates a wide range of onsite services with the added benefit of vehicle access to vessels. For luxury yachts, Talos Shipyards can accommodate maintenance works, interior design works, treatment and fitting of wooden decks, vessel painting services, plate and piping work and mechanical and electrical work. In addition to these services, Talos Shipyards can offer additional services in carpentry, insulation, and steel work for merchant ships.

All vessels docked at Talos Shipyards benefit from access to power, telecommunications, water, waste services, fuel, storage, office space and 24-hour security & CCTV.

The comprehensive services offered at Talos Shipyards ensures our client’s projects are carried out to a high quality and to deadline.

Warehouse Maintenance

Talos Shipyards manages the collection and disposal of waste including, but not limited to, sewage, oily fluids, and batteries from vessels.

Talos Shipyards uses licensed entities for recycling in line with MARPOL and EU / Greek Directives, as required by the Ministry of Development, Competition and Shipping governed by Greek Authorities.

Talos Shipyards has a Pollution Contingency Plan in place and is insured in case of an incident.

Outdated technological equipment, such as computers, screens, and electronic equipment, is disposed of locally by licenced, environmentally friendly facilities.

Other waste materials including glass, paper, plastic, aluminium cans, and packaging materials are collected monthly by a licensed private entity for correct disposal.

The systems implemented at Talos Shipyards reflect and uphold PrivatSea’s environmental values while managed yachts are at the facility.

Building of Vessels, Conversions, Repairs and Maintenance
Building of Vessels, Conversions, Repairs and Maintenance
Building of Vessels, Conversions, Repairs and Maintenance

Licences & Certificates

Talos Shipyards are a trusted provider, licensed by the Greek Authorities for the Building of Vessels, Conversions, Repairs and Maintenance and is listed in the top category of the Greek Special Registry.

Talos Shipyards operates under ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, fulfils OHSAS 18001 requirements for health and safety as certified by BVQI, and is subject to ISPS standards and is licensed as a tax-free zone.


Idyllically located on the Old National Road from Athens to Corinth, Talos Shipyards is close to the intersection of the Athens Toll Expressway (Attiki Odos) and the National Motorway. It is 25km from Downtown Athens and Piraeus Port, and less than a 30-minute drive from Athens International Airport.

The nearby city of Elefsis is saturated with history and beautiful architecture from years gone by. Should they visit, clients will find all that they need including hotels and restaurants, a general hospital, police and coast guard station, fire brigade, post office, public telecommunications, and government administrative services.

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