Level Up: Luxury Gadgets for Super Yacht Owners

Whether looking to heighten your aquatic experiences, enhance your life whilst onboard or explore destinations in new and exciting ways, this hand-picked selection of luxury gadgets for super yacht owners can take your yachting experience to the next level.

Luxury Gadgets for Super Yacht Owners

Gocycle G4i

Explore urban beauty in style with the T3 Award-winning Gocycle G4i folding bicycle. The Gocyle G4i’s compact model, ideal for storing onboard when not in use, will allow you to step ashore for a leisurely cycle, aided by the electric motor, without the hassle of carrying a cumbersome frame. Track your health statistics and customise your driving mode with the GocycleConnect App, with low energy Bluetooth, to sustain the best riding experience. On disembarking you can effortlessly discover local towns and cities across a range of urban terrain in comfort, supported by the bike’s futuristic, luxury design and patented technology.

Luxury gadgets for super yacht owners – Gocycle G4i electric fold up bike


Luxury gadgets for super yacht owners – WaterCar H1-Panther driving from sea to land

WaterCar H1-Panther

Explore land and water like never before with the WaterCar H1-Panther. This amphibious car is the ultimate vehicle in which you can discover hidden and unfrequented locations. Based on the Humvee and inspired by its tactical versatility, the H1-Panther offers comfort and personalised style and up to five passengers from yacht to shore and beyond, able to achieve high speeds on land across a multitude of landscapes and 35 knots on the water. You can upgrade your itinerary to incorporate more without having to arrange multiple modes of transport with this WaterCar as your tender.

Blueye Pioneer

View the depths of the ocean through new eyes with the Blueye Pioneer underwater camera drone. This submergible drone can descend up to 150 meters, which offers an up-close, HD view of the waters through which you sail while you remain dry onboard. In addition, the Blueye Pioneer can assist with yacht maintenance: navigate from your chosen smart device with minimal drift and utilise the powerful lumen light to inspect your vessel while under the water. Whether used to capture unusual footage of marine life beneath your decks or as an assistant to yacht inspections, this technology is a luxury gadget suitable for any tech-savvy super yacht owner.


Luxury gadgets for super yacht owners – Blueye Pioneer underwater camera drone exploring the sea


Luxury gadgets for super yacht owners - Orca Electric PWC Jest Ski crashing though waves

Orca Electric PWC Jet Ski

Reinventing powersports as we know them, Taiga’s Orca Electric Personal Water Craft (PWC) offers an upgraded, sustainable aquatic experience with its innovative 100% electric drive. Thrill seekers can leverage peak power of up to 120kW while silently slicing the waters, leaving those on the sundeck above free to relax without disruption. The Orca Electric PWC, awarded Time Best Invention 2022 alongside Taiga’s Electric Snowmobiles, can be enjoyed individually or as a pair and handles well in all weathers. This luxury gadget can be enjoyed on days spent away from shore that require a little more excitement.

Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker

A stylish upgrade to any super yacht deck, the Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker can bring top-quality sound to your outdoor entertainment spaces onboard. Be it relaxing soundtracks around the pool by day or up-tempo beats to awaken the evening, this full-range high-end-audio loudspeaker can encapsulate you and your guests. Designed with simple luxury to complement yacht sundecks or terraces, these speakers carry an IP65 rating and are specifically for marine use, designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions.


Luxury gadgets for super yacht owners – Steinway & Sons Marine Speakers on outside deck on board of a superyacht


Luxury gadgets for super yacht owners – Nordic Track Vault: Complete smart exercise mirror being used for weight training

NordicTrack Vault: Complete

Stay in shape whilst onboard without compromising on style with the NordicTrack Vault: Complete. Dumbbells, kettlebells and resistant bands are stowed behind the interactive 61.5 inch reflective mirror exterior. The performance-orientated design allows you to watch iFIT instructors and your own form at the same time while you train. The mirror pivots for you to utilise surrounding space and includes a 32 inch rotating smart HD touchscreen for user experience. This advance training aid takes up minimal room and can blend in with your yacht’s interior design with its modern, minimal exterior, which will allow you to train in confidence throughout your travels.

From onboard enhancements to exploring new depths, these luxury gadgets for super yacht owners offer an upgraded experience. Explore more ways to enjoy life onboard and ashore.

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