Top Tips for How to Fly a Drone from a Yacht

As well as being a fun pastime, drones are an excellent tool for capturing photographs and videos while on your voyage to record precious memories. To better your experience, here are our top tips for how to fly a drone from a yacht.

How to Fly a Drone from A Yacht

How to Fly a Drone – A drone hovering

Rules for Flying a Drone

While you will not require a license for private use, you may need a license to fly a drone with a camera, and you will need to abide by drone-flying rules. Check the restrictions in the jurisdiction before you fly your drone.


Practice Makes Perfect

Flying a drone at sea takes skill. Ensure you practice on dry land before taking off from the water. When flying from the water, the ‘hover’ setting should be pre-selected, rather than the ‘land’ setting.


Consider Conditions

Something important to consider for how to fly a drone from a yacht is the weather conditions. The conditions at sea can change quickly, and the wind and tide can affect hazards such as nearby objects or other vessels. Reflective surfaces can also affect the vision sensors on your drone, so should be avoided to prevent interference.


Test Flights

When you are learning how to fly a drone from a boat, start with short test flights. When launching from the deck, learn the launch parameters and check for obstacles. Ensure you consider the yacht’s trajectory when taking off!


How to Fly a Drone – An overhead shot of a jetty

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