Meet Able Seaman: Panto Aristotelis

Your crew ensures your safety during voyages, but also your enjoyment. Whom you share your superyacht with fundamentally impacts your experiences, crew included. This is why we take such care during the selection process for each crew member. This series delivers an insight into the experiences of our crew.

Having proven his experience and dependability, Panto Aristotelis holds the title of Able Seaman, promoted from his previous role as Ordinary Seaman, and is responsible for the maintenance of the vessel. When needed, Panto can stand in as the Helmsman and lookout on bridge watch. Panto always strives for the best possible results while upholding the safety culture of the vessel. As part of PrivatSea’s ongoing commitment to investing in their crew’s advancement, Panto is currently furthering his education with PrivatSea to become a Bridge Officer.

We asked Able Seaman Panto Aristotelis about this experience as a seafarer:

What do you enjoy most about your role?
For me, the thing I enjoy most is learning new skills so, at the end of the day, I will gain more experience and continue to become a better seafarer. I enjoy interacting with people of different backgrounds, from whom I can learn in order to become a good officer in the near future.

What is the greatest challenge you face and how do you overcome this?
Well, one of the hardest challenges for seafarers is being away from their family and friends for a long period of time. I overcome this challenge by remaining positive, calm and busy, so I can focus on my duties and work.

Why is having a cohesive crew so important?
It is very important to have a cohesive crew to retain standards and constantly improve in the workplace. For me personally, the most important thing, independently of my position, is to become a team with a common goal of offering the best service we can.

What is your favourite destination by yacht and why?
My favourite destinations are the ones that I am yet to visit because I look forward to discovering new places, new people and new cultures so I can gain more life experience and develop as a person both onboard and ashore.

Able Seaman Panto Aristotelis

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