Meet Our Deck Hand: Ioannis Gkrinias

Your crew ensures your safety during voyages, but also your enjoyment. Whom you share your superyacht with fundamentally impacts your experiences, crew included. This is why we take such care during the selection process for each crew member. This series delivers an insight into the experiences of our crew. Deck Hand Ioannis takes great pride in ensuring the yachts in his care are maintained to the highest standards. Performing all duties from wash downs, polishing and waxing with great diligence, Ioannis works methodically to keep vessels in excellent condition throughout. When required, Ioannis will assist the Bosun with maintenance projects, including sanding, varnishing and painting, to restore the vessels to their former glory. Ioannis also assists with anchoring, docking, line handling and the operation of water sports equipment for owners during their travels.

We asked Deck Hand Ioannis Gkrinias about his experiences as a seafarer:

Deck Hand Ioannis Gkrinias

What advice would you give to super yacht owners for maintaining high standards on board?

There are many elements to consider in order to keep a yacht to the highest standard, so I would advise owners to invest in crew training – having a highly educated crew will facilitate the smooth running of vessel maintenance and repair without much intervention. This will alleviate stress on the owner while ensuring all projects are completed with accuracy. Prioritising the use of good quality products and high-level equipment is also vital for maintaining the highest standards and is certainly worth the investment. Deck Hands and the Bosun can assist owners in procuring the correct commodities if required.

What do you believe to be the most valuable attributes a Deck Hand can have?

There are many qualities of value to look for when hiring a Deck Hand, or indeed to develop as a Deck Hand. I would identify the following as most valuable:

• Having above-average physical fitness
• Possessing a keen eye for detail
• Excellent teamwork skills
• Adaptable technical skills
• Natural problem-solving skills
• Knowledge of the Maritime and Yachting Industry
• Being reliable and dependable
• Understanding the importance and practising confidentiality
• Professional appearance

What do you enjoy most about your role?

On board, my position is Deck Hand – Diver. I hold the Yacht Master Offshore Diploma, so, during owner trips, I operate and guide all water sports and I very much enjoy driving the chase boat of the Yacht.
I love diving with the guests as a certified Rescue Diver and enjoy snorkelling with the children to discover the underwater world with them. What I enjoy the most, and it’s my biggest reward, is, at the end of the day when all the activities are finished, that all guests are happy and satisfied.

What are your future career aspirations?

In the nearest future, I want to complete and receive the Diver Master Diploma. I have vast knowledge, experience, certificates and Diplomas already in my possession, but I want to develop myself as much as possible.

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