Meet Chief Engineer: Dionysios Kakolyris

Your crew ensures your safety during voyages, but also your enjoyment. Whom you share your super yacht with fundamentally impacts your experiences, crew included. This is why we take such care during the selection process for each crew member. This series delivers an insight into the experiences of our crew.

Chief Engineer Dionysios Kakolyris is currently working on a 62-meter yacht and is responsible for upholding the highest standards upon his vessel, ensuring all regulations are met and that maintenance and repair works are carried out efficiently and effectively by supervising the engineering staff.

We asked Chief Engineer Dionysios Kakolyris about his experience as a seafarer:

Chief Engineer Dionysios Kakolyris

What valuable skills does the Chief Engineer bring to the vessel?

First is technical expertise in yacht mechanical and electrical systems with the ability to troubleshoot and repair any issue. A Chief Engineer will ensure that the engineering team follow safety procedures and that all systems are maintained in compliance with regulations.

A Chief Engineer will maintain communication with crew members, able to communicate technical details clearly and concisely to non-technical crew, and external contractors to coordinate work.

Overall, a Chief Engineer will provide technical expertise, leadership skills, organizational abilities, effective communication, and a strong commitment to safety.

What advice would you give to super yacht owners?

Yacht owners need to make sure their crew works under appropriate and harmonious conditions. Our work is demanding and challenging, making it critical for crew to operate as a cohesive team to deliver the best service.

Yacht owners should prioritize creating an environment that fosters good communication and teamwork while providing appropriate compensation and benefits to retain experienced crew. This will benefit the yacht owners and guests, but also keep the crew motivated and committed to providing the best possible service.

What aspect of the job do you most enjoy?

I find great satisfaction in the rigorous preparation and maintenance of vessels entrusted to me. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to optimize the vessel’s condition, and I take great pride in successfully managing any malfunctions that may arise.
When all systems are functioning smoothly, I derive immense pleasure from seeing the smiles of owners and guests aboard. Additionally, exploring new locations, learning about different cultures, and enjoying the serenity of the open sea all bring a sense of fulfilment to my work.

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