Meet our Chairman, Stavros Xenakis

42 years ago, Stavros joined the Latsis Group as a Public Relations Manager in the Middle East. While living and working in Oman and Dubai, he forged invaluable relationships with his clients who began to express an interest in yachting. This inspired Stavros to transition into the yachting industry, first in PR and then, in 2008, as the Chairman of PrivatSea. His education in Hotel Management, at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland), laid the foundations for his career success. Over the years, Stavros has led the development of PrivatSea’s growth from managing a few yachts to several mega yachts today.

To share with you the secrets of success,
we asked Stavros:

What would you say is PrivatSea’s main asset that differentiates the company from other yacht management companies?
PrivatSea is a complete yacht management company providing a 360° approach to yacht owners. Many yacht companies are limited to providing organisational services, but, as part of the Latsis Group, we offer our clients a marina and shipyard for mooring, maintenance, and refits. In addition, we can facilitate every aspect of maintenance, refit, and design from procurement to bespoke craftsmanship. Further, we provide full management services for a vessel including crew management, insurance, onboard maintenance, and administration.

We organise, facilitate and oversee each service on behalf of our clients to ensure the highest quality is achieved within budget and in an efficient time frame. Offering a complete service sets us apart from other yacht management companies.


How has mega yachting changed over the past couple of years?
The service is changing because expectations have increased. 20 years ago, a mega yacht was 45 metres in length, now a vessel less than 120 metres is considered a normal yacht.

The industry, like any other, changes and fluctuates. One concern is that the size of vessels, with up to eight decks, is changing the atmosphere on board to that of a building in the sea, ultimately losing the charm and intimacy offered by more traditional luxury yachts. We aim to assist our clients in retaining charisma on board while integrating today’s expectations for mega yachting.


What makes you proud to be Chairman of PrivatSea?
The PrivatSea team is exceptionally loyal; an experienced team is fundamental to the safe, secure foundations of our company. Their knowledge and skills facilitate services of the highest quality for our clients with whom we forge excellent, longstanding relationships.

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