Setting Sail: Our Top Recommendations for Yacht Clubs

There are many benefits to the private luxury of your super yacht, but for times when you would like to be more involved with a community, yacht clubs are the perfect places to set your course for with year-round entertainment guaranteed. Discover what our recommended yacht clubs have to offer.

Yacht Clubs – Monaco Yacht Club Harbor

So, what is the Purpose of Yacht Clubs?

Yacht clubs vary greatly, but typically they are organizations made up of vessel owners that cater to required needs such as training, but also offer a social calendar and often racing. According to Sailing World, there are 2,734 yacht clubs globally.


How Do You Join Yacht Clubs?

The best practice is to contact the Yacht Club you would like to join, and they will assist you in becoming a member. Once your application has been processed and your membership paid, you can begin to enjoy the benefits and social events.


Our Recommended Yacht Clubs

Yacht Club de Monaco

Founded in 1953, almost a century after the first regatta was held in Monaco, the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) remains entrusted with the task of providing a public service remit to promote Monaco as a yachting destination. Its private and associative status means that it is recognised internationally as a major player in environmental transitions. As part of its collective “Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting” initiative, YCM remains a key player in the yachting world and will continue to develop the eco-responsibility of this sector, being both a driving force and a role model.

The Free Spirit clubhouse has an eco-responsible approach, balancing shade and natural light for a beautiful ambience. They host a range of sporting and social events set out in an extensive, year-long calendar from chef competitions to classic car days, to boat challenges of all kinds.

Yacht Clubs – Monaco Yacht Club Staircase

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Yacht Clubs – New York Yacht Club Exterior

New York Yacht Club

In 1844, John Cox Stevens and eight New York yachtsmen came together to form the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) with the vision of creating an organisation for harbour racing and summer cruises. The Annual Cruise to Newport, Rhode Island has been an annual event ever since. The first clubhouse was erected the following year in 1845, which hosted club activities for 23 years.

Today, the 44th Street Clubhouse is exuberant, nautical and eclectic, complete with a Model Room perfect for activities from planning summer cruises to public occasions with up to 300 guests. The room is elaborately decorated with monsters, seaweed, storm clouds and more, complete with a 45-tonne fireplace. The Model boats donated to the Yacht Club are proudly displayed on the wall and in glass cabinets.

With its mission to ‘To attract and bring together a dedicated group of yachting and naval members to share and foster their interest in yachting and yacht racing’, the NYYC continues to participate in major events around the world today.

Yacht Club Italiano

The oldest sailing club in Italy, and amongst the oldest in the Mediterranean, Yacht Club Italiano (YCI) was founded in Genoa in 1879. They held their inaugural race in August 1880 and have been holding international events, as well as inspiring the next generation of seafarers, ever since.

The club has launched many foundations tailored to educate and provide experiences for younger generations, alongside teaching sailing to all levels from beginner to advanced.

The Portofino Club House enjoy stunning views of the village, and the annexed garden terrace is a picturesque destination for members to socialise and unwind by the water’s edge. In spring, important regattas are held from this operations centre including the Regate di Portofino, the iconic Maxi Yacht regatta.

Yacht Clubs – Yacht Club Italiano at night


Yacht Clubs – Yacht Club Italiano from above


Yacht Clubs – Yacht Club of Greece in the evening

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Yacht Club of Greece

Established in 1933 by a group of Athenians, the Yacht Club of Greece (YCG) has a membership including Olympic medallists, leading Greek and international sailors, and prominent members of Greek society.

The club overlooks the historic port of ancient Athens, situated in Piraeus on a private peninsula with landscaped gardens and panoramic views of the Saronic Gulf.

The club arranges a range of races inshore and offshore to train the next generation of athletes.

The Main and Port clubhouses host a large range of social events from informal lunches in the relaxing lounges to extravagant events in the reception rooms, bars and restaurants. YCG has hosted many important visitors and delegations in Greece.

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