The Best Locations for Sea Fishing in Europe

Sea Fishing in Europe - a boat from above

Whether recreational or fishing for dinner, casting a line can be a great way to spend the day during your superyacht voyage – and there are many stunning locations teeming with life if you are interested in sea fishing in Europe.

Sea Fishing from a Superyacht

Depending on the size and design of your superyacht, you may be able to fish straight from the deck. However, many keen fishers will choose to cast from their tenders or on an organised fishing trip depending on the desired catch. The latter will likely have tackle and bait at your disposal; if choosing the former, your crew will be able to prepare the desired equipment in advance of your voyage and be on hand to assist as required.


Sea Fishing in Europe - Fishing from deck

The Best Locations for Sea Fishing in Europe

You may assume that where there is sea, there are fish. While not wrong, the available catch – and required tackle and bait – will differ depending on location. You may choose to plan your itinerary around fishing hotspots, or you may wish to bait your hook spontaneously en route to your next location. Either way, here are our top picks for sea fishing in Europe.

The Canary Islands

In addition to being a popular holiday destination owing to its year-round mild temperatures and subtropical beaches, the seven islands of the Canaries are a draw for keen fishers. The 58 fishing ports throughout the islands indicate the abundant opportunities, with many hoping to reel in large Bigeye, Bluefin, Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna off the coast of Grand Canaria, or battle with hooking a White or Blue Marlin near La Gomera from May-September and Lanzarote from September-November. Fishers can also hope to hook Amberjacks, Atlantic Spearfish, Dorado, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. With many world records broken in the waters of the Canary Islands, the location is a must visit for fishing in Europe.


Sea Fishing in Europe - The small town of San Andrés

The small town of San Andrés on Southern coast of Tenerife is home to one of the 58 fishing ports


Sea Fishing in Europe - Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna are a highly sought after prize

Martigues, France

Martigues, located to the South of France, is popular with tourists for its beaches, small restaurants and picturesque canals, bridges and docks. Once a fishing town, Martigues is an ideal location for fishing in Europe as its positioning in the Mediterranean Sea opens many opportunities to catch a variety of fish including the elusive Swordfish, frequenting the waters between April and September. Fishers can also reel in Bluefin Tuna, Shortbill Spearfish, White Marlin, Yellowtail Amberjacks and Barracuda. Fishing season runs from late March to September in Martigues, with the warmer months of April-July offering the best catches to its visitors.

Sardinia, Italy

If you are looking for a location for fishing in Europe year-round, then Sardinia may be the location for you. Bluefish and Baraccuda frequent the waters for much of the year, Octopus and Cuttlefish can be caught in the colder months, and Seabream and Sea Bass can be hooked from December to March. White Beach, located to the North-East, shares its crystal clear waters with Sea Bass, White Bream, Sea Bream, Mullets, Damsels, Thrushes and Conger Eels, and the southern winds often create ideal fishing conditions, particularly for surfcasting. Departing from the nearshore, deeper waters offer catches of Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Swordfish and Squid.


Sea Fishing in Europe - Boats in Sardinia, Italy


Sea Fishing in Europe - The coastline of Ponta Delgada, Azores

Ponta Delgada, Azores

The cosmopolitan city of Ponta Delgada, rich in history from its vast expansion in the 17th and 18th centuries, was once a quaint fishing village. Its coastlines are still an ideal destination for sea fishing in Europe, especially for those in hunt of a big catch as the waters are a popular migration route for BlueMarlin, White Marlin, Albacore Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi. There are many fishing banks just outside the harbour too for those who do not wish to fish deep sea. The fishing season runs from May to October, with Bigeye, Yellowfin and Albacore Tuna in the early months, and Spearfish, Blue and White Marlin in the latter.


For those brave enough to sail the colder waters, Iceland offers an alternative experience to fishing in Europe. Fishers have great chances of reeling in large Cod, Coalfish, Wolf Fish and Halibut. The central location between the Golf Stream and the North Atlantic creates a rich fishing ground with Baitfish arriving in April to attract large shoals of predators from Haddock, Mackerel and Herring to the large species aforementioned. The season continues until late September, but fishing outside of season can still be successful. Sea fishing and importing from Iceland is controlled to ensure numbers remain high, but your crew can manage regulations on your behalf.


Sea Fishing in Europe - Black sand in iceland

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