What makes a Mega yacht a Mega yacht?

With the evolution of luxury yachts over the years, growing in size, capability and style, the question of what makes a mega yacht a mega yacht is often raised. There are no set rules as to what makes a yacht a mega yacht but there are, however, some generally agreed qualities: mega yachts are large, luxurious motor or sailing yachts designed with guests’ pleasure in mind complete with professional crew and kitted-out with a range of commodities to be enjoyed by passengers.

What makes a mega yacht - T.Fotaidis Design unveils ‘Stardom’

T.Fotaidis Design unveils ‘Stardom’ a 101m Megayacht concept. A model will be exhibited at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show

Some mega yachts are used exclusively by their owners, others are available to charter, and in more recent years, particularly post-pandemic, mega yachts have become floating headquarters for many business owners.

A majority of mega yachts will be custom-built to their owner’s preferences and exceed 70m in length, and this length standard continuously grows. This makes the previous standard, predating the 1970s, of 30m seem humble. The vessel will feature opulent, custom-designed living quarters for guests, a large swimming pool and a boarding section. Distinguishing them from smaller vessels, mega yachts function equivalently to 7* hotels with specialised crew for every requirement, for example, sommelier, butler/valet service, yoga instructor, masseuse, and chefs for cultural cuisines.

An additional feature present on mega yachts is a tender; a small, slick motor boat stowed ready to take passengers ashore during their sailing adventures. Many mega yachts will have support boats in tow to carry an array of sea toys along with a private helicopter complete with fuel and additional landing crafts to transport owner and guests as required.

When it comes to travel, mega yachts will generally have a more bespoke offering tailored to its owner’s preferences and desires. In comparison to other large vessels, this quality of uniquely tailored itineraries can set mega yachts favourably apart.

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