Yacht Interior Design Trends 2023

With a new year on the horizon, we dive into mega yacht interior design trends for 2023 to provide a guide for maintaining a modern, luxurious vessel to welcome and entertain your guests. There are many interlinking elements for curating the perfect space, and, as far as we are concerned, no detail should be overlooked. Read on to discover the cutting-edge design components that will be gliding the waters throughout the year ahead.

Open Plan Yacht Interior Design Trends

Spectacular for entertaining yet equally pleasing for spending quality time with family, open plan designs continue to be on trend for 2023. Beyond the obvious social benefits of sharing space, open plan interiors boast a light and airy atmosphere which can boost mood and creativity. Extend the concept of open plan further to incorporate a sliding roof to let in the natural light or doors to an outer deck to enjoy outdoor space and alfresco dining, both offering the additional benefit of breathing that fresh sea air. And, as the day draws to a close, dine freely with your guests before retiring to a space of relaxation across the room to watch the sunset. The practical and sleek benefits of open plan designs speak for themselves.

Maximalism with Minimalism

While the size and complexity of mega yachts continue to grow, the desire for a sleek, seamless design prompts a minimalist yacht interior design trend for 2023. With modern designs drawing on surrounding beauty, expect to see rooms with a glass silhouette pulling in the wonders of the sky and sea. Harmonious with the waves that ebb away from the bow as the vessel slices through the waters, curves are in. Expect to see hard and soft furnishings, and even the shape of vessels, with curving lines and edges. Lighting will also provoke a luxurious atmosphere while offering ornate qualities in line with the minimalist vogue. Though, do not be mistaken – minimalist does not mean simple or inferior, rather the contrary creating an elegant, classy setting.

Dark Aesthetics in Yacht Interior Design Trends

We have sailed passed the days of all-white interiors with dark aesthetics making a return in 2023. Wooden surfaces coupled with brushed steel or gold finishings exude elegance, particularly in open plan designs. Update the head with bronze or black fixtures and pair with black towels and bathroom accessories to add a touch of luxury; renew your galley space with contrasting counters of dark stone or dark wood; transform your sockets and outlets to become part of the aesthetic with brushed steel exteriors; disrupt your soft furnishings with dark pairings to create depth and draw the eye; include a dark, textured feature wall to create atmosphere in your saloon; install mood lighting to adjust the ambience to satisfy each occasion. Dark aesthetics can transform a space into an edgy, sophisticated environment perfect for entertaining, or an inviting, informal corner to encourage relaxation.

Neutrals and Earth Tones

To compliment the dark aesthetics, neutral and earth tones are the next 2023 trend. Offering a natural warming quality, colours of stone, almond, silk, sand, biscuit and cotton brighten spaces without leaving them stark. Neutral and earth tones offer an unadorned canvas to accessorise with soft furnishings, artwork and ornaments, creating endless design opportunities. When paired with the dark aesthetic mentioned previously, the neutral and earth tones add depth and contrast to keep the space homely yet modern. With strategic design, the contrast between the two can offer intimacy even in open plan designs.

Bold Upholstery

While many trends forecast for 2023 utilise colour pallets derived from natural sources, upholstery turns the tide towards bolder statements. Choosing a vibrant, patterned or contrasting upholstery for statement items, such as a chaise lounge or ottoman, can bring new dynamism to a space while maintaining an elegant balance. One can choose to implement the same colours throughout, tying the gallery, saloon and head together, or tailor each statement piece to each room to raise or lower the energy of the room in accordance with the room’s atmospheric desires.

Sustainability Yacht Interior Design Trends

Considering increased awareness and ever-growing pressure for sustainable and eco-friendly living worldwide, attitudes toward sustainability are shifting, resulting in sustainability being among the new trends. Yacht owners can proudly show off their interiors when furnished with sustainably sourced materials. Many manufacturers are investing in creating more sustainable materials, refitters should be able to advise you on sustainable products for your design projects. Further, upcycling existing interiors and furnishings can bring new life without waste. Recycling old materials can also make refurbishing more eco-friendly.

About the Designer

Theodoros Fotiadis is a yacht architecture and interior décor designer specialising in chic refinement. Renowned for their bespoke designs, Theodoros Fotiadis won the international yacht & aviation award in 2018, awarded by design et al. Their unique designs incorporate unusual materials and bring a fresh take on traditional designs.


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