Living in Luxury – Executive Mega Yacht Services

PrivatSea takes pride in providing services of the highest standard and our executive mega yacht services are no exception. Specifically tailored to our client’s tastes and desires, we offer a wide variety of concierge services in collaboration with highly specialised providers. Over the years, we have forged dependable relationships within hospitality, who are trusted to deliver the required services to our high standards, even at a moment's notice.

Discover more about the executive mega yacht services offered to PrivatSea clients:

Itinerary planning

Guided by our own experiences, our crew can provide a suitable itinerary for any occasion. From an intricate tour of the most beautiful stops in the Balearic Islands, the crystal-clear waters of the Greek Islands, to the frozen lands of Antarctica and many places in between, we craft itineraries to explore the greatest wonders for each destination, presented beautifully in an e-brochure or printed itinerary for you to treasure alongside your memories.

Event Planning

From luxury extravaganza to sophisticated intimacy, a personal event planner, complete with their own team and industry contacts, will organise the event of your dreams. Leveraging our longstanding partnerships with contacts in the hospitality and entertainment space, business events to birthday parties and everything in between will be planned down to the finest of details on your behalf.

VIP Transportation

Luxury should not stop when you leave the vessel. Depending on your final destination, we facilitate VIP transportation in the form of chauffeur-driven cars, helicopters and private jet rentals to provide comfortable transfers and stylish arrivals.

Marina Berthing and Mooring Reservations

If you are looking to disembark to explore the local culture, tourist spots or delicious cuisine, we can reserve marina berthing and mooring in advance leaving you free to relax upon arrival and enjoy the day ahead.


Private Security

Should it be required, personal security to accompany you during your travels will be provided. Both on board and onshore, our experienced security personnel will protect your safety while remaining discreet to prevent interruption to your voyage.

Medical Services

With your health and safety a constant priority, highly trained medical care professionals will be stationed on board who remain at hand to treat you and your guests should you fall ill or have health concerns. If you or your guests have existing concerns, specialised medical professionals can be made available to care for you throughout.

Wellbeing Services

From personal health and fitness to holistic healing, health and wellbeing services can be offered on board to start every day the right way. Whether a cardio class to get your blood pumping or a restorative yoga session, our wellbeing professionals can guide a personalised programme for you to keep you feeling your best self throughout your time on board.


From special occasions to day-to-day glamour, we will hire beauticians and stylists on board for hair and make-up to ensure you look and feel your best during your travels. Equipped with only the best products and tools, our professionals are skilled artists in their own right and can transform you ready for any occasion.

Pairing decades of experience in the mega yachting industry with our invaluable partnerships in the hospitality industry, we are able to provide executive mega yacht services to suit your every need. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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